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    Since I established my ceramics studio in 2001 it has become a bustling venue for creation, gatherings and workshops.

    Over the years and alongside being a practicing artist, I have acquired ample knowledge in group facilitation. Today the studio is a hive for activities, offering different methods of work with a variety of materials: clay, peppier machete, Fimo, cardboard and carton creations and more.

    I hold morning and evening clay modelling and pottery sessions for adults - just for fun or as outdoor activities for businesses and organizations. You can also celebrate birthday parties at the studio, gather on a special occasion, and even invite me over to facilitate an event anywhere you wish.

    It is a great honor teaching and mentoring people from all different practices and occupations, guiding their way and making them happy with their creations. I have seen people open up and their lives change when discovering creativity, inner expression and finding peace. In return, I learn from my students how to perfect working methods and practices as well as discover new ones.

    My work and creations are for sale at my studio gallery: beautiful, handmade, useful ceramic items, ornaments and adornments. I expertise in Armenian decorations and integrate handmade glass beads in my work.
    You are most welcome to visit my studio and gallery, just give me a call in advance.

    Last but not least I produce pieces in the hundreds for businesses and organizations: giveaways for holidays, conferences, conventions and for other occasions. I participate in ceramics and creative art exhibitions and twice a year, before Rosh Hashanah and Passover, I open my house and participate in 'Artists open homes'.

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    I look forward to welcome you into my studio and gallery in Zoran in the Sharon area  

    Anat Amram
    Tel: 054 529 0025

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